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As promised, I have attached the files form my Images with Flex and ColdFusion session at CF United. You will need to set the webroot of your app to the ‘www’ directory in order for the examples to work correctly.

One question that came up during the session was if its possible to grab an image from a media player. The files include an example of how that can be done when viewing a .flv file. I am working on getting a demo of this up and running, but I am having some issues. I will let you know when I get it working.

Download the files here

It is kind of a mixed blessing that, for me, conference season is over. It is a good thing because I won’t be gone from my family (and work) as much, it is a bad thing becasue I won’t see most people for another 10 months or so. It was a great, albiet tiring experience. I gave 6 presentations and 1 full day class, at 4 conferences, in 3 time zones, in 2 countries over a span of about 6 weeks.

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