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Im happy to announce that I will once again be holding my full Enterprise Model-Glue with ColdFusion class. This time the class will be held on my “home turf” of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Here are some things people have had to say about the past classes:

“Excellent Class! I got all I wanted and more.”

“I learned more concepts than I ever expected to.”

“I thought the CFCunit and ColdSpring seminar was excellent!”

“Very well done. All the content was helpful.”

“Very good first day. Covered a lot of ground and the pace was good. Good mix of lecture and hands-on.”

“Class content is right on.”

This class will be a bit different in that Im going to use virtual machines to help smooth the getting-started process. In the past simple things like database connections have slowed the class down. By using pre-configured virtual machines these issues should be smoothed out this time around.

This is technically a Model-Glue 2 training class. However, I try to let the participants steer the direction of the class. So, if its requested enough I may also add a section on Model-Glue 3 features as well!

Early bird pricing starts at $1200, an absolute steal! Furthermore, the first three people who register will get $200 Best Buy gift cards.

There are only 15 seats in this class, so register early! I hope to see you there!

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