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I just wanted to quickly let the world know that I will officially be including training materials on Model-Glue 3:Gesture features in my October Enterprise ColdFusion with Model-Glue training class.

The class was initially written for Model-Glue 2 and the content is still relevant for Model-Glue 3. In fact, I would teach the class entirely on Model-Glue 3, but there are still a few minor features (such as scaffolding) that are not yet present in Model-Glue 3. For this reason Ill be teaching both versions at the same time!

Also, a former student Rich Leach recently had said some very nice things about the class. I thought it was fantastic and I couldnt resist sharing it here:

So what has Doug accomplished to earn his claim to fame? He not only tolerated my caffeinated, fuzzy mind in his Model-Glue training class for an entire week, but he got the message through. In a big way! Doug is an excellent instructor and runs a successful web development firm in North Carolina. He employs some great minds and generates even greater results. He’s educated, trained, experienced but most importantly sincere about what he does and how he does it. Since his training class I’ve produced 2 complete Model-Glue sites and I’m working on my 3rd. Couldn’t have done it without his training.

Thanks, Rich!

Be sure to register soon. The early registration gift, a $200 gift card to BestBuy is only being offered through Wednesday the 10th.

I hope to see a lot of CFers and the class in October!

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  1. Byron Raines said:


    Would have loved to take part in this, but unfortunately, we have some major deadlines that week and can’t away. Raleigh would have been perfect for me. Hopefully you will have another one soon.



  2. Doug Hughes said:

    @Byron – That’s a shame! We’ll miss you.


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