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I’d like to take a quick moment to announce a new blogger on, Layne Vincent. Layne actually started at Alagad a few months ago, but we’re just now getting around to unleashing him on the blog. Actually, in all honesty, Layne has never written publicly before and he’s somewhat hesitant but he’s is up the challenge.

Layne came to Alagad from his own consultancy company where he worked with a number of notable companies including Alltel. He has a broad range of experience he’ll be brining to the blog. So far, at Alagad Layne has been a jack of all trades and is our quazi-DBA.

I’d expect some upcoming posts on a range of topics including, perhaps, databases, object oriented programming, testing, and other topics relevant to what Alagad is working on at the moment.

Please take a moment to welcome Layne to the blog-o-sphere.

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  1. Nice work! Layne is a sharp guy. I know he’ll add some good articles to the stream.


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