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The First Reactor Meeting

As I stated a few days ago, I’m handing the reigns of Reactor project management to the esteemed Mark Drew.  As a part of this hand off to the community, Mark and I have decided to hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss the state of Reactor and steer the project.  Today was the first Reactor project management meeting and I think it went well, if I do say so myself. We started out with some confusion over whether or not we should use the voip features in the Connect room generously provided by Andy Allan.  The short answer is no, it’s terrible.  So we’re going to try to work out a bridge between Skype a US based conference line.  That way we can all dial in and talk for free.  On the other hand, once we gave up and chatted in Connect the meeting actually went quite well.  So, we’ll get that worked out somehow. In the meeting we discussed a number of topics and came up with a list of action items which we assigned to various people.  The outcome of the meeting is documented here.  We also came up with a few points to discuss on October 8th which are outlined here.  At this point things are rolling again.  Those who are in on the action will take our steps and in two weeks we’ll figure out what to do next.  Please join in and help us make this process a success!

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