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Alagad is hiring a Flex developer! I’m hoping to find one extremely talented Flex developer to join my team. This person also needs to be able to do advanced ColdFusion development, if needed. The person I’m looking for will have a lot of strong experience with enterprise development. So, if you’re a senior developer who wants to work from home, please waste no time in applying. Here are some finer details of what I’m looking for:


My team works primarily with the Adobe toolset. That is, ColdFusion, Flex and Air. Experience with additional Flex technologies such as LCDS and Blaze DS would be a bonus too. Though the person I’m hiring should primarily be a Flex developer, having strong experience with framework-based web development using ColdFusion is important. Unfortunately, as a consulting company, we can’t always control the presentation technology our clients use. We also do some fairly involved JavaScript and AJAX work. Advanced experience with Microsoft SQL is also necessary. I really need someone who solidly understands software development and who could, if the need was there, quickly learn something new and move forward with it. Virtually all the work we do here is Object Oriented. You need to understand OOP, design patterns, and more to be productive. Obviously HTML, CSS and XML go almost without saying.


Virtually every project we do at Alagad makes use of frameworks and so you will need to have experience using common Flex frameworks. Internally, we tend to use Simeon Bateman’s EasyMVC. We’re also interested in experience with Cairngorm or some other Flex frameworks. As for ColdFusion development, we typically use ModelGlue, ColdSpring and Reactor, though we also have been known to work with Mach-II, Fusebox and Transfer. We also have a few Alagad created frameworks to fit other niches For Javascript we’ve typically use jQuery as well as the YUI, Spry and ColdFusion’s AJAX features.


I need someone who can talk and write professionally. When you’re speaking with clients you must sound professional and intelligent. Also, you’ll be required to write at least one technical blog entry per week and the occasional article for FAQU, Devnet, or other publications. You may even be asked to do the occasional user group presentation or talk at a conference. (All of this is on company time You work, I pay.)

Other Skills

There’s a good chance that I could throw just about anything at you. I need you to be able to roll with it. For example, sometimes I might need you to be able to take a PSD or jpeg image and turn it into a Flex interface or clean CSS and HTML. So, some experience with Photoshop or Fireworks would be a big help.


I’m looking for someone with a great attitude. My goal is to be the best employer any one of my employees have ever had. If you’re too jaded to believe that I’m earnest (if not a little idealistic), please look somewhere else. I’m am trying to find ways to expand the compensation package to include profit sharing. For this to work well, I believe that we’ll all need to be committed. If you can come to the table with the appropriate brains and enthusiasm, we can all do well.

So, why would you want to work with me?

I’m striving to be the best employer in the Adobe toolset market. Alagad is, however, a small business. So, I need to be really creative in how I try to be the best I can be. Here’s benefits Alagad offers:

Hourly Pay

Are you sick of working 60 hours a week but being paid for 40? Well, first off, I rarely ask for any more than 40 hours in a week. But, if you do work more than 40 I’ll pay you for every hour you work!

Work from Home

All of Alagad’s employees work from home, wherever they are. Alagad has no real central office. This allows you to work wherever you want: Home, in bed, at the coffee shop, on an airplane. It doesn’t matter to me. What this means is that you get more time for yourself and your family. Alagad doesn’t require that you pay for the expenses and time of a commute. Heck, it’s even better for the environment!

Flexible Schedule

At Alagad we’re less concerned with the hours you’re in the office than that you get your work done. That’s not to say that we don’t want to talk to you during the day, but if you want to cut out early in the afternoon we simply don’t care. Do you need to pick you kid up from school? No problem. Life is full of interruptions. We don’t mind, so long as you get your work done!

Generous PTO

Because we pay hourly, we’re able to do some novel things with your PTO plan. From day one you will earn PTO. For each hour you work you get an additional 7.5% that goes into your PTO account. This means that in an average 160 hour month you’ll earn 12 hours of PTO. And, because this is calculated based on the number of hours you work, the more you work, the more you get in PTO. You can take your PTO whenever you want or you can collect it. PTO time never expires. We quite literally put this time in the bank for you. You can collect PTO for your entire career with Alagad. And, when you leave you’ll get any left over time in a check. You can also take PTO without actually taking time off. So, if you have some time built up and you can cash out some of that time to buy gifts during the holiday season, or for any other reason. Also, one of the stranger things we do here is that we do not offer any holiday days off. These are already factored into your PTO. Really, we’re not being so presumptuous as to assume you want to take particular days off. If you’d rather not take Labor Day off, we won’t make you. But if you would like to take, say, your birthday off, you can! It’s up to you.

Health Insurance and Big Company Benefits

Any small business owner can tell you that paying for Health Insurance is a huge burden. However, Alagad not only offers insurance, we chip in $200 a month if you’re single and $400 if you’re married. For a single person this equates to full coverage. A married person would expect to pay about $200 a month on their own. We also have numerous other benefits like Flex Spending Accounts, college savings plans and even adoption assistance. In the future I plan to continue improving or benefits plans. Next year I expect we’ll add a 401k plan and possibly full coverage of health insurance. (No promises yet!)

Important Instructions on How to Apply for this Job

If you want to work for Alagad, please put together a nice cover letter and resume and send it to me at In your cover letter please describe why you’re a good match for this job and why we should hire you.

Because I’m nice, I’ll give you a tip on applying for a job with Alagad: I tend to give a lot more weight to your cover letter than your resume. Make your case in your cover letter. Finally, and this is important, please include the word “llama” in your email subject. Seriously. If you don’t include it, I won’t review your resume. Bonus points will be given for creativity!

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