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OK, so this error isn’t really (in this case, anyway) ColdSpring’s fault… it was mine. And it didn’t take all that long to figure out, either. But, it was one of those situations where all the code was right, all the cfarguments were in the right place, and there was a tag in the CS config file for all my arguments. Everything was where it should be and there were no syntax errors or missing values or anything.

Yes, that’s right: A real hair-puller.

And then Cometh the Duh (aka Note To Self):

If you’re passing arguments to the init() method, you need to use constructor-arg tags, NOT PROPERTY TAGS!

Yeah, some days are like that. Yark.

Comments on: "ARGH COLDSPRING: "The FOO parameter to the init function is required but was not passed in."" (3)

  1. Martijn van der Woud said:

    Hehe I knew this post came from Jared just by looking at the title. 😉

    Keep it up Jared, your posts and comments are a good read: they make me laugh and I learn a lot as well.


  2. Jared Rypka-Hauer said:

    Heh, thanks Martijn… I appreciate the feedback. I’m always trying to blog more often, but between keeping up on projects and trying to come up with compelling blog content, it’s tough.

    Here’s to hoping that 2009 will be better for blogging. 🙂


  3. Marcuski said:
    Check out the cool mini-game


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