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The other day I was trying to troubleshoot a problem I was having and needed to open an completely different browser. I chose to open the offending page in Opera. After fixing the issue, I played around with Opera as I had heard some good things about it from some people. I decided that, for a short time, I would try to use Opera as my main browser to give it a fair shake.

One thing I love about FireFox is FireBug. FireBug is simply invaluable for a developer. I looked around to see if there were any ‘plug-ins’ for Opera that offered similar functionality. I stumbled upon this link which had 2 separate tools you can add to Opera.

The first tool was the ‘Opera Developer Console’ which offers a lot of similar functionality to FireBug, but not nearly as easy to use.

The second tool was ‘DOM Snapshot’. This is a cool tool. Basically, what it does is it gives you, nicely formatted, the HTML rendering of the page as it exists. This means, if you have had items dynamically added to page via AJAX, they will be included in the snapshot. The coolest thing was that when I did a snapshot of a page with a in it, you could actually see the HTML that makes up the grid.

I know that you can use the ‘inspect’ functionality of FireBug to do the same, but I have found that its difficult to sometimes highlight the item I wanted to look at, and it was cumbersome to view all the HTML. Also, unlike view source in FireFox, DOM Snapshot does not make another http request to get the the source.

I found myself still needing to go back to FireFox from time to time when I did not have time to fiddle with the Developer Console to get the information I needed, but I have pretty much switched over to Opera as my full time browser.

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  1. Erki Esken said:

    Opera’s answer to Firebug is Dragonfly. Click the “debug menu” link on and you’ll get easy access to the Dragonfly tool via new Debug menu in Opera.


  2. Scott Stroz said:

    Thanks, I had not found Dragonfly, I am going to check that out.


    Check out the cool mini-game


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