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Intro 101

I’m sure this post will quickly skyrocket to the top of the ‘most viewed’ list, so I wont keep anyone waiting!

My name is Chris Peterson, and I started working for Doug with Alagad 4 weeks ago as a full time contract programmer. My first day on the job I dove head first into a Model-Glue / Coldspring / Transfer clustered application and haven’t looked back since. It’s great to be working with other people who get excited as much as I do about event gateways, autowired remote proxies, and event construction.

I have been a computer junkie all my life, in 4th grade I was learning BASIC, Logo, and GRAPHICS programming. We had a commodore 64 and a PC with a 286 SX processor, and I wrote hundreds of program in BASIC to do animation and other fun stuff. I am a hardware geek, I love all things enterprise, love learning new coding languages, and make cool stuff on the lathe. After being the head line cook at a small town resturant, I worked for 3 years as a contract sysadmin, 8 years as a programmer for a transportation company, and now I am here with the other Alagadians (and couldn’t be happier). Look forward to iSeries, MS SQL, hardware, and of course Coldfusion posts down the road from me.

I am currently going to school part time, working on a dual BS in Biometric Security and CIS with a programming focus.

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  1. You Know Who said:

    *sob* I just couldn’t get as excited about all those beans, transmogrifying objects, and event getaways as your new family does.

    Just don’t forget that you at least learned what a subnet mask was from us trucking hicks, no matter how much you resisted it.


  2. Congrats and best wishes


  3. Paul Carney said:

    Chris – you join a great group of people. I worked with Doug and Scott in a previous life and know that you are in great company.

    Leave it to Doug to create a whole new species (Alagadians)! 🙂


    Check out the cool mini-game


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