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New Alagad Bloggers

I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce a few new Alagad bloggers.

First off, we have Ray Camden! Ray has recently joined the Alagad team as a contractor. He has agreed to contribute some blog entries for the community’s benefit. Look for some great articles covering Model-Glue 3.

Next we have Brian Kotek who, like Ray has joined the Alagad team as a contractor. I expect Brian to touch on various software and architectural topics.

Finally, I want to introduce Matt LeGrand. Matt is a recent Alagad hire. He came to Alagad from Cynergy Systems and brings a wealth of Flex knowledge and know-how with him.

Keep an eye on the Alagad blog for more great content from our amazing team.

Comments on: "New Alagad Bloggers" (4)

  1. Nice! Goood idea~


  2. I think this was the only 4/1 prank that I bought hook line and sinker. I was thinking…dang! Alagad is the uber CF shop now!


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    The funny part is, I’m 100% serious. Just wait for a bit. I’ve been bugging Ray and Brian to get stuff posted.


  4. Doug Hughes said:

    Just to be clear both Brian and Ray are currently only part time contractors. I’m working on reeling them in full time, but it takes time.


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