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An Alagad Introduction

I’m a bit late on getting a blog entry up introducing myself here. Being busy is good, but it makes it hard to set aside time, even when you know you should! To anyone who doesn’t know me: Hi, I’m Brian Kotek. Like my friend Ray Camden, I’ve joined up with Alagad for some contracting work in addition to my continued work with Broadchoice. While I love what I’m doing over at Broadchoice, I’m also excited to tackle some new and different challenges.

My work on the Broadchoice Workspace AIR application has kept me pretty firmly in the Flex and Groovy world for many months. I’m happy to say that the focus here at Alagad will allow me to delve back into the ColdFusion world with more regularity. Specifically, I’ll probably be blogging on the topics of software architecture and on leveraging a Groovy-based model with CF controllers and views. There’s some pretty cool stuff happening in this area and I’m lucky enough to have the chance to leverage my knowledge in that area on some Alagad projects.

The team that Doug has put together is top-notch, and it’s an honor to be able to count myself among the Alagadians (better trademark that, Doug!) Look for more in the coming days and weeks, but for now, it’s back to the trenches.

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  1. phill.nacelli said:


    Congratulations on joining a group of great guys! Every time I hear the term Alagadians, I think of some Greek Kingdom like the Trojans or Spartans, so in honor of that.. a little something to firm up the mental image:



  2. Scott Stroz said:

    We are Alagad!!!


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    @Phill – OMG that link is too funny.


    Check out the cool mini-game


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