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A while back I wrote an Adobe Air Application that simulates multi-touch events. The goal of the application is to assist developers in their own development of multi-touch applications knowing that they might not have access to multi-touch hardware or that they might find a simulator more efficiant for testing during development. The core benefit to using SimTouch is the transparent background allowing the application developer to have a better grasp of what he/she is ‘touching’.

SimTouch works by simulating touch events and passing that information to other flash applications via a protocal called TUIO. SimTouch uses the same xml format that FlOSC might use to translate OSC message to a TUIO object. SimTouch needs a simple socket server to relay the XML Socket message between applications. Typically on port 3000.

Here is a quick YouTube video that shows SimTouch being used in with the example.

This is yet another open source venture and the code can be found at:

There is also a good bit of information on this simulator on the Natural User Interface forums:

I’m posting this here to see if there is any facination in Adobe Flex, Air and Flash multi-touch developement projects on this blog. Almost all of my little multi-touch projects are open-source and I’m happy to go into a little more detail on ways to build and deploy them. Any interest?

I hope this helps some assipiring multi-touch entusiasts and I can’t wait to see what cool applications you guys are creating!

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  1. Sumit Arora said:

    Can this be used with new flash Player 10.1 Touch events ?
    If No can it be modified for that?


  2. @Sumit,

    I’ve been working on that for a few weeks. Still needs some time but I might have something finished in the next month or so.


  3. Sumit Arora said:

    Ok Thanks,

    Looking Forward to it thanks If you need any help please tell me. I will contribute whatever i can.

    I know Flex and Flash both.

    Sumit Arora


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