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I just wanted to remind folks of my upcoming presentation at CFUnited, entitled Performance Tuning Coldfusion: Before the JVM. I will go over tooling and techniques you can use to identify difficult to find source code issues, as well as the methodoligies I use when diagnosing issues on a customers server that is having performance difficulties.  I will show you how to obtain and analyze a heap dump using VisualVM, how to review method usage and trace method calls using HPJmeter, how to isolate and resolve MS SQL performance issues using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, and generally how to isolate problematic code issues and apply logical thinking to arrive at conclusions which will allow you to resolve performance issues.
I had the oppertunity to give this presentation last night at the Mid Michigan CFUG in Lansing, and I believe it was very well received. Much note taking was going on, and I think everyone walked away with a few new idea’s they could apply to their servers right away. Hope to see you at CFUnited 2009!

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  1. Charlie Arehart said:

    Hey Chris, after CFUnited, would you be interested in offering this talk on the online CF Meetup ( I’m sure many would love to see it. Just drop me a note (I assume you can see my email address as entered in this form).

    Also, anyone interested in speaking (and the invite goes to all at Alagad, of course, or anyone else) can check out a bit of a FAQ I put together in the past:


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