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I would like to announce a special package here at Alagad, for those who are suffering server woes and need to closely control their budget. For a flat rate of $1999, you can have Alagad review your ColdFusion server configuration, identify potential bottlenecks, profile your source code, and ultimately end up with a comprehensive document outlining recommended changes to your current configuration (and / or source code) to improve performance of your application, all in 1 – 2 days. This includes up to 15 hours of server analysis and documentation.

We will work closely with your team to determine the best way of testing your application, as well as identify areas your team feels may need to be reviewed more closely than others.

You can request a written proposal and additional detailshere, and simply mention the ‘Alagad Economic Stimulus Package’ to receive this special flat rate pricing.

Projects will be done on a first-come first-served basis, so sign up soon, you could be sporting a faster application server this week!

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  1. Roland Collins said:

    Chris, do you have a limit on the size of the codebase that you analyze? This is very intriguing, but our application is much larger than most, so I’m not sure if it would qualify as the type of application you’re talking about profiling.

    Also, are you willig to sign NDAs or some other form of source code protection agreement?


  2. Roland,

    Really the size of the codebase is not an issue. The methods I use to identify issues really just require a) a server with your environment loaded on it that I can take up and down (ideally a dev environment, but in a severe pinch I have had to jump on production in the past when the customer is experiencing acute issues) b) RDP access to your server you wish to be reviewed c) Some simulated traffic to your dev server, or steps that I can take to reproduce your most common traffic patters or activities. I will load a few tools onto the server (mostly java tools, or a text viewer or editor) to review profile data.

    The best way to go about this type of project is to get a well-powered server configured with your source and running with an identical software configuration as your production server (identical hardware is ideal as well, but not often attainable).

    Whenever required, we are more than happy to sign and fax / snail mail back an NDA form. Many of my larger projects involve making code changes, and while I can certainly attempt to do some of that if desired, this project is more of a way to use our experience in analysis to uncover places in your application that are causing performance contention, with ideas from us on how you can solve them. I usually work from the top-down in isolating issues, so even if we find 2 problems that are the major causes of poor performance, it usually makes a big difference to users after the changes.

    Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact me at as well if you are interested in discussing this further!


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