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Adobe’s Flex framework is a beautiful tool for building forward facing applications and exposing data, editing data and visualizing data in a variety of different ways. Many companies may be avoiding using this technology simply because they feel that they’ve already committed to another platform. I’d like to quickly highlight the possibility that the Flex framework may still be an exceptional resource to add to your existing technology platform. Say, for example, you have a client that wanted to deliver their existing filemaker pro application with the rich front end user interface created in Flex.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started.

After installing File Maker and File Maker Server. Open the correct File Maker database file. Set privileges for ‘fmsxml’. ( File – Manage – Accounts & Privileges ) I recommend creating a Privilege Set for exposing this data via xml.

In your File Maker Server Console tool, upload your data set to the server. Make sure that your new database is running and that there is a check-mark under the XML column.

In a browser the following URL will display all of the record sets from your data set: Replace with your server location. (Replace ‘FileMakerFile’ and ‘Layout’ with the Database and Layout of the data that you’d like to display)

Notice the ‘findall’ command at the end. FileMaker Server behaves very much like a web service meaning that FileMaker bakes in a set of commands that allows you to add, update, delete, find a specific record sets or find the entire record set right out to the box.

Adobe Flex has a set of defined classes and methods for specially working with XML data. Using these classes Flex is able to retrieve, update or delete data from the FileMaker database in organized way. In this case, I just created some quick data visualizations from the data set.

If your company is interested in exposing your preexisting data sets to a richer user interface powered by Adobe Flex please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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