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I’ve been working with the public beta of Flash Builder 4 (formally Flex Builder) for a few months now. The week before last Adobe posted the final release of the Flex 4 SDK and the final version of Flash Builder 4. I can say with confidence that you want to be working in this IDE over Flex Builder 3. Go learn more about Flex and Flash builder 4 here.

For all of the developers on the fence as to whether or not to upgrade to the latest Flash Builder IDE, there are significant single click code generation benefits that will save you time during your day to day development activities. Additionally, you have the option of letting Flash Builder 4 introspect the ColdFusion, PHP, Java or web service and create the AS3 service layer for your Flex based application.

I’m glossing over tons of good info but I’ll just give you my top three favorite Flash Builder 4 features:

  1. Generated event handlers.
  2. The new package explorer view.
  3. Generated getter and setter methods.

If you are like me and have a beta version of Flash Builder, please be sure to uninstall before you reinstall the latest greatest. So run on out and buy the new Flash Builder 4 IDE. And be sure to play with all of the new multitouch features in the latest Flex 4.0 SDK or be brave and grab a nightly build of the 4.1 SDK and hop skip over some of the release candidate bugs that were fixed after the lock down a few weeks ago (this one annoyed me).

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  1. I’d also add “optimize imports” to this list


  2. srinivasa reddy said:

    i am using flex 4 the problem is i create a skin for button to accept images when i use the same skin for two MXML Pages. when i am running the project MXML screen1 is open well the Icon is in disable mode image when i open the other MXML screen2 then the image in the first MXML Screen1 image icon becomes the active image and also is it is in disable state why?


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