The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes

ANT can’t move a rubber tree plant, but it’s got high hopes! Alagad’s own Doug Hughes will be giving a presentation called Using ANT to Deploy ColdFusion Applications at this year’s cf.Objective() conference.

Doug is the founder of Alagad, Inc., a company whose focus is dedicated to helping organizations improve operational efficiency and performance. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and user groups, Doug also regularly contributes to several well-known open source projects. In addition, his articles have been featured in numerous technical publications. The most important things to know about Doug, though, are that he can ride a unicycle for a distance equivalent to of a roller hockey rink, and he can make absolutely anything flat stick to his forehead.

Ant is widely used in the Java world, but it is very much underutilized by ColdFusion developers. Ant can automate pretty much all of the tedious steps required to deploy your applications, and Doug is going to show you how! He will give an overview of Ant’s capabilities and limitations, and he will also demonstrate Ant4CF, an open source and extensible suite of powerful Ant tasks that implement all of the features of the ColdFusion admin API. Grab yourself a copy, and get to playing with it! You’ve got until Friday, April 23 at 1:45pm to get your ducks… errr, your Ants… in a row.

Doug will also be taking part in Bob Silverberg’s Pecha Kucha BOF. According to Bob’s Pecha Kucha blog article on the topic, Pecha Kucha is an innovative presentation format in which you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds, resulting in a presentation that is six minutes and forty seconds long. As you can imagine, that should be quite interesting.

If you would like to contact Doug regarding these or any other topics, feel free to use the Alagad Contact Form.

Alagad can also be found on Twitter @alagadinc and Facebook.

Look us up. The conversation is on!

Doug sporting a shuffleboard puck.

Doug speaking at CFUnited 2009.

Top: Doug proudly displays a shuffleboard puck stuck to his forehead.

Bottom: Doug speaking at CFUnited 2009.

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  1. so I have been checking out your website for the past week and it is very interesting, do you have a live feed?


  2. You can follow us on Twitter @alagadinc


  3. Our Blog has a feed. You can subscribe near the bottom of this page.


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