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Ezra Parker has been developing with ColdFusion since 2000, starting with version 4. Ezra currently serves as the Associate Director for theModel-Glue framework and is the Co-Manager of theInland Empire ColdFusionUser Group.

If you attend Ezra’s cf.Objective() 2010 session at 11:30a on April 23, you will benefit from a wealth of knowledge pertaining to building RIAs with jQuery UI and jqGrid.

Building RIAs with jQuery and jqGrid

The description promises a very interesting session:

Ever since the introduction of jQuery and other JavaScript/Ajax libraries, you don’t need to know Flex in order to construct complex, fully-featured and user-friendly Rich Internet Applications. If you’re already familiar with jQuery and want to take your RIA development to the next level, this session will demonstrate the use of the jQuery user interface library widgetsand the jqGrid plugin to create an advanced single-page application with a consistent look and feel that can be easily re-skinned using an existing jQuery UI theme or by using ThemeRoller to craft a custom design.

Alagad was lucky to snag Ezra as a full time developer earlier this year. He thinks it was for his fine programming prowess, but in actuality it was the Shuffleboard skills he demonstrated at last year’sCFUnited.

Ezra at CFUnited 2009

What else does Ezra do when he’s not devoting his spare time to CFUGs and frameworks? Lots of things!

Ezra is an avid nature enthusiast. He and his lovely wife do a fair amount of birdwatching and nature themed photography.

He also loves various forms of SciFi and Fantasy entertainment. His favorite author is George R.R. Martin. Lately, Ezra has taken a liking to Joss Whedon’s sadly defunct Firefly TV series. (Anyone who knows me knows I was thrilled to learn we had a love of Firefly in common!) This year, he toted a couple of replicas of t-shirts worn by Jayne Cobb to the conference with him, and there are more where those came from…

Jayne Cobb Collection at Kaboodle

Jayne Quotes T-Shirt at Cafe Press

You can also see what Ezra is up to by following hispersonal blog.

A man of many talents and hobbies, Ezra is surely someone you will want to track down atcf.Objective() this year!

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