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Last Thursday the local Triangle Area ColdFusion User Group (TACFUG) held a meeting where our very own Dan Wilson gave preview presentations of two of the four presentations hell be giving at CFUnited in the next week.

Dan Wilson Kicks AssThe first presentation he gave was Get the Lead Out – Practical Optimization. As with everything Dan does, this was a very good presentation. Dan started out the presentation with a set of slides asking which was faster between two sets of similar code. For example, he compared using cfif to cfswitch. I was really surprised by this, but it turned out this was a red herring and wasnt the real meat of the presentation. Dan gets into a lot of detail about holistically testing applications. In fact, he even taught me a few things I didnt know, and I like to think I know a thing or two about this stuff.

The second presentation has what may well be the best title Ive ever seen at a tech conference, Cache Me if You Can. Of course, that title doesnt make any sense to our Australian friend, Mark Mandel, but well just have to deal with that. In this presentation Dan talked about a whole range of assumptions many developers make about caching. He also makes some very interesting points about being sure that you know what youre caching and why. As usual, this was an excellent presentation as well.

Dan has a really easy and relaxed style of presentation that I really admire. If youve not heard him talk and youll be at CFUnited, then I highly recommend you catch his talks!

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  1. Saw his preso on refactoring at CFUnited last year … was clear, to-the-point, and useful. Wish I was going this year.


  2. RogerTheGeek said:

    Shiny head on that geek.


  3. I was going to attend one of Dan’s presos, but that got blown due to my volunteer schedule. So, it is nice to know he has to many! Maybe I can catch one after all. Thanks. 🙂


  4. Great points you have made here with this particular write-up. I just read it a few times in order to ensure I was reading you the right way. I love your own stance and I shall be sure to check back here.


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