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It looks like the stars have aligned for me, after all and I will be attending this years (and the last ever) CFUnited. I managed to schedule a couple client meetings at the same time and that really helps justify the expense.

If youre going to be there too, please look me up! Why? Well, theres no exciting reason, honestly. Unlike past years, Im not giving anything away. Honestly, I just want to meet as many people as I can, hear what theyre working on, and learn as much has I possibly can. And, if Im lucky maybe Ill find a business opportunity or two.

Also, because I waited until the last moment, it seems that the Landsdown resort is booked up for Wednesday night. If anyone has some spare floor space or a couch I could crash on for one night, Id be greatly indebted to you! Thanks!

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  1. think is some sort conference. thanks for sharing !


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