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Ive been notified twice now that there are problems running Ant4CF on Ant 1.8 or later. I wanted to let those users of Ant4CF know that Im aware of these problems and will eventually update the project to work with Ant 1.8. My guess is that the project is being compiled against an older Ant API that isnt compatible with Ant 1.8. That said, a quick Google search on this didnt turn up any details. Ill take care of this before too long and let everyone know about it!

Also, a few people have had issues getting Ant4CF up and running. The usual culprit here is the file that users need to edit to point to the local installation of Ant. On Windows in particular this can be confusing. The cause of this is that the default path to Ant is /usr/bin/ant. On *nix OSes this is a path to an executable. But to a Windows user this looks like it might be a path to a directory. Ive updated the documentation to explain that on Windows this path is likely to be something more like c:/program files/ant/bin/ant.bat. Also, because there are spaces in the path, the path needs to be surrounded in quotes in the configuration file.

And thats it for Ant4CF news. But, let me ask you, do you use Ant4CF? What do you think of it? Any suggestions on what I could do with it next?

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