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Phoning It In

As someone with ADD, it’s incredibly easy to get knocked off course.  The phone rings, you get an IM, you’re connected to the internet in any way, etc.  Or perhaps like me this morning, your little girl wakes up at 5am and proceeds to throw up.  And then your cat does the same thing 20 minutes later.  Not a good way to start out the day.

There was a part of me that really just wanted to say that the day was ruined and that I should go lay in bed all day and read, or something.  Truth be told, I did go back to bed and sleep for a couple hours and I feel much better now.  It’s times like this where I can’t tell if I’m lazy, being a prima dona, or if I would actually do better by resting.  Today I’m leaning towards it making me do better.

The reason I say that is that I’ve been putting off sending in my first proposal to KickStarter, even though there’s no real reason to.  The Alagad team has been working on a new nonprofit which shall remain unnamed for just a little bit longer.  We need a little cash to push us over the finish line and help it get going.

Honestly, I’ve been putting it off for a few reasons.  Firstly, before you can submit a KickStarter project you have to go through a page where they explain their submission policies.  One of the things they don’t support are donations to charities, causes, etc.  Our nonprofit probably falls under that category, but I emailed them earlier this week and asked for clarification and they asked me to submit a proposal.  Unfortunately, this rule has put me in somewhat of a “why bother” frame of mind.  Another reason I’ve been putting this off is that I’m intimidated by the submission form itself.  I wasn’t sure what rewards we should offer supporters and I wasn’t sure what to say about the project.  The other major reason I hadn’t been doing anything is probably due to wanting to avoid rejection and disappointment.  If this proposal is rejected I’ll feel bad about it.  If I never submit it, it can’t be rejected.

However, after resetting myself with a nap this morning, I decided it’s time to stop talking about it and just do it.  So, just a few minutes ago I submitted my first project proposal to KickStarter! Go Me! I don’t know how long it will take for them to review it and get back to me, but I’ll try to keep my blog updated as I hear things.

Truth be told, I really don’t expect them to approve this project.  And that’s OK.  I’ve got a bunch of other ones up my sleeve.

Wish me luck!

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