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Note: I have updated this entry to make it a bit easier to read and to fix and add some facts I’ve learned.

I would really appreciate some help finding someone named Alex who also went by the name of Jeff.  He lived in or around East Lansing or Mason, Michigan about 10-15 years ago.  I don’t want or need his personal information, but perhaps someone knows him and can refer him to me.

I have ten black and white baby photos of him and someone I believe to be his brother named Eric. These were entrusted to me in the mid-90’s, but were never returned to him. He specifically told me that they are irreplaceable family treasures and I really want me to return them to him.  I found them in storage a few years ago and have tried a few times to track him down, but I’ve not had any luck.

On the off chance someone on the Internet happens to know this guy, here’s everything I know about him:

  • I believe his first name is Alex. I think he often went by the name of Jeff, though I’m not sure why. When discussing him, my friends would often call him Jeff-Alex.  (In previous versions of this entry I said his name was actually Jeff, I now think that’s wrong and Alex is correct.)
  • Alex was very tall. I’d guess he was probably about 6’ 5” and very skinny. He had short hair that was brown or blonde, I believe.
  • According to dates on these photos, Alex may have been born in 1965 and would be 46ish. His older brother Eric would be 48ish and may have been born in January 1962.
  • His father’s name may be Paul.
  • He had an idea to make a line of children’s clothes with built-in reinforced handles to make kids easy to pick up. (This is related to how I ended up with his baby photos.)
  • I am pretty sure his wife’s name is/was Maggie.
  • When I knew him, Alex was dating a much younger woman whose name was probably Maggie. I think she was in her 20s at the time, so she’d be in her 30s now. At the risk of sounding like a typical guy, all I remember about her was that she wore a lot of tight clothing and had large breasts. I think she also had red hair, but I can’t remember if it was natural or dyed.  I’m not sure if this is Maggie or not.
  • He also had a young kid at the time. I’d say the kid was likely 18 months to 2ish and would be a teenager now.
  • A bunch of us used to hang out at a Cafe under the multi-colored parking garage in downtown East Lansing next door to Georgios Pizza.
  • I think his mother had a trailer north of the Lansing area, possibly at the neighborhood at the intersection of Wood Rd and East State Road called King Aurthur’s Court.
  • He used to hang out on a Lansing-area local BBS called The Ruthless Gameboard.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking for his information.  I’m hoping someone will recognize him and point him to this post.  If he wants the photos back he can get in touch with me.  Failing that, finding his last name or anyone else who knows him or can reach him would be really helpful.  I’d sure be happy to have this off my chest.

Here are the pictures:

Can you help me find his last name or get in touch with him somehow?  If you live in the East Lansing area can you please share this with people you know?  I’ll update this entry if anything happens.  Thanks for your help!

Note: I first published this blog entry in November 2008.  I posted it to my Facebook friends as well and got nothing.  I even took out Facebook and Google Ads for people who were from the area.  I got a couple of nibbles, but never found Jeff.  If you have any leads, please help a guy out!  Thanks!!

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  1. King Aurthur’s Court is the name of that trailer park, which I had also lived in a number of years ago, although I would have been too young to know of Jeff — good luck!


  2. I’ll pass the link on to K.C. If anyone I know would know, it would probably be him.


  3. Interesting story. And funny so close to home in many ways. I lived in Kind Aurthurs Court for a few years but it was more recent. However I can tell you that the Manager Rob would likely let you post a flyer on the community board by the mailboxes in the chance the mom or someone who knows her may contact you. Just a thought.

    This was also close to home because I remember the ruthless game board. I have sat at Donut’s house in Haslett looking at those 10 lines running into the digiboard modem bank and thinking I wanted to start one of these. I never really got mine going but remember many people like Donut’s awesome daughter Echo (who i named my cat after), Cookie, Parkwood, and many others. Sadly I hear donut passed away, and my thoughts go out to her family. In case anyone runs across this and wants to talk about our old times or gatherings like the one I remember most at the Parkwood Y. I was Cast487 and was also on other places such as LHQ, Cookies Sheets, Gotham City, etc…


  4. I know who you’re talking about, but we lost contact years ago. His wife was Maggie and yeah, she tended toward more revealing clothing and had red hair. However, the young girl he was dating when I knew him, was named Jess. Maggie and Geoff’s (I’m pretty sure that’s how he spelled it- he was Alex on Ruthless, but maybe it was vice versa.. it’s been a while) daughter was named Autumn. I’ve been inside the trailer they had on the North Side. I remember something about them moving to Texas or some place down south. My boyfriend at the time was in pretty tight with him, I’ll ask him if he knows anything if you’re still looking.

    Also, last I knew there was a Facebook group for the vets of Ruthless (in fact that’s how I found this post- google ftw).I’ll ask around and see if that group still exists and if so if anyone knows what happened to him.


    • @Jace – Thanks. I’d pretty much given up hope of tracking him down. I still have the photos. I have decided that at some point I’ll just have to throw them out if I can’t find him. I’ve been trying off and on for years to find him. If I can’t, I can’t.

      Thanks for your help.


  5. Hey Doug. The pictures are of Jeff Williams. I believe he lives in the Detroit area now.


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