The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes


Hi, I’m Doug Hughes And This is My Resume

I am an experienced programmer with an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, a keen interest in doing great work, and drive to learn how to do even better work.

My Objective

I am actively looking for interesting opportunities with creative companies that would afford me the opportunity to learn new skills, languages, tools, and more. Ideally, I’d like to end up working in the web or mobile space for a company that is doing really cool, interesting, cutting edge, and amazing things. I want to contribute in important ways to interesting projects that solve complex problems. I am also open to exploring managerial or leadership roles.

I am open to international opportunities. I am a native english speaker, but willing to jump feet first into new languages and cultures.

My Background

The Iron Yard – Java Instructor and Programmer

May 2016 – Present

I help students learn the ins and outs of Java programming in intense 12-week bootcamp style classes. I start from the very basics of Java and take students all the way through building web applications with Spring, Hibernate, and related tools. I introduce them to source code control, object oriented programming, debugging, testing, dependency management, JDBC, SQL, JPA, Spring Boot, IOC/DI, and much more. I also teach aspects of front end programming using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We even touch on functional programming.

My students have been hired by Red Hat, Cisco, Fidelity Investments, the Social Security Administration, Prometheus Group, and others.

I also worked with the academics team to help write portions of the Front End Engineering JavaScript and CSS curriculum. Additionally, I wrote most of the curriculum, supporting content, exercises, and assignments for my Java class.

To facilitate instruction, I created tools to assist me in the classroom. For example, the exercises I created immediately send me feedback that include the student’s source code, errors, stack traces, etc. I can use this to identify students who are struggling and proactively assist them.

Alagad and Doug Hughes LLC – President / Programmer

1996 – 2016

Alagad was my web consulting and contracting business. In 2005 I began relying on it as my sole source of income. By 2008 I had several employees and had generated more than a million dollars in revenue. Through Alagad, I have worked with more than 50 companies in a wide range of industries on very diverse projects and with many exceptional and talented developers. Some notable clients are:

  • Hasbro
  • Adobe
  • United Way of America
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Masonic Grand Lodge of Michigan
  • Duke University
  • Michigan State University
  • North Carolina Department of Labor

After Alagad closed in late 2014, I started Doug Hughes LLC and worked as a consultant and contractor. I transitioned over one client, a regional investment bank. I worked with them exclusively for nearly three years. I helped build their client access portal, securely integrated with third-party financial systems, assisted in the release of their mobile application, and helped automate a wide range of tasks including builds, testing, deploys, infrastructure, and more. I am the person they come to when they have an intractable problem.

Advanced Solutions International – Programming Consultant

Nov 2003 – Apr 2005

I worked with the .NET development team at ASI on the next generation of their core product, iMIS. My responsibilities included programming, testing and debugging of both front-end and back-end code using C#. Before that, I worked in the ASI Web Services Group where I was responsible for implementing, customizing, programming, testing and debugging ASI products and custom development using ColdFusion.

While at ASI I worked with several organizations including:

  • The Human Rights Campaign
  • The State Bar of Texas
  • The American Library Association

Interstate Hotels & Resorts – Web Application Developer III

2000 – 2004

I was the senior ColdFusion programmer with Interstate Hotels and Resorts. My responsibilities included programming, testing, debugging and documenting applications. I filled the role of ColdFusion technical and team leader. I was also responsible for many technical administration tasks including maintenance, backups and performance tuning of database and web servers. I relied heavily on experience to plan and accomplish my goals.

Other Relevant Employers

1996 – 2001

  • Axis Media Group – Application Developer and Technical Consultant
  • 4What – Web and Multimedia Programmer
  • Michigan State University – Contract Multimedia Developer

Things I Want You To Know About Me

  • I started my first company, Alagad, in 1996 while I was still in high school. Over time I built it into a self-sustaining business with many employees and customers around the country.
  • In my career I have personally worked with more than 50 diverse companies and organizations.
  • I have varying levels of experience with a wide range of languages, frameworks, and packages including:
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, Node.js
    • Java, Spring, JUnit, Hibernate, JEE in general
    • ColdFusion
    • Ruby, Rails, PHP
    • Mobile development using Objective-C and PhoneGap, Titanium, the Android SDK, and more.
    • .NET, C#
    • MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mongo
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows
    • I’ve dabbled in much more than I could list here.
  • I am at a point in my career where I have become very good at quickly getting up to speed with new tools, languages, approaches, and software.
  • I love to work with teams.
  • I do well applying my experience to new problems and making mental connections.
  • I am involved in many programming and business communities.
  • I’ve written hundreds of blog entries, articles, and lessons on a variety of technical topics.
  • I have participated in many local business organizations including Council for Entrepreneurial Development, the North Carolina Technology Association, and more.
  • Alagad was a finalist for Best Customer Service in the North Carolina Technology Association awards in 2009.
  • I have presented at several conferences including JSConf, NCDevCon, Powered By Detroit, CFUnited, cf.objective(), and more on a range of programming topics.
  • I have contributed to a number of open source projects and started many of my own.

My Education

I have primarily been self-educated and learned on the job. I consider myself an autodidact.

  • Lansing Community College – Associates in Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Arizona State University – Attended

I believe in continuing education and enjoy pursuing topics that interest me. I’ve enrolled and participated in a few classes through Coursera and other open online courseware services.

My Communication Details

Phone: 571-243-7924
Twitter: @doughughes

What are your thoughts?

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