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A Public Message to Gameloft

Dear Gameloft support,

My good friend Jessamy Green-Husted recently emailed Gameloft about an accidental purchase her pre-school aged son made in the game Oregon Settler. The in app purchase price was $50, which is no small amount of money. She did not approve this purchase and did not want this purchase to be made.

I understand that she wrote this support email address ( about the issue and requested that the purchase be refunded. She corresponded with Lyudmila Granovskaya who rejected her request.

I am happy to say that I have not yet had the misfortune of buying any of Gameloft’s games. And, since this is apparently how you treat your customers, I am greatly relieved.

I thought Gameloft should know that Jessamy had posted on Facebook how much she was enjoying this game before this issue. So, where I previously had a positive attitude about Gameloft and their games, I now have a rather bluntly negative attitude.

I hope Gameloft chooses to resolve this issue for Jessamy. Wouldn’t that be a nice story for her and her friends to share on Facebook and Twitter?

In the meantime I will be posting a copy of this email publicly on my website, Facebook, and Twitter this as well.

Doug Hughes

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