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We have a(nother) bird!

A bird of some sort has nested in a column on my front porch.  There’s a male and female and presumably eventually some eggs.  I’m not sure what breed they are, to me they’re of the Red and Brown family.

They’re quite skittish so they’re hard to get a good look at.  It’s funny because the male will sit and look in the window above the front door, keeping watch.  Not for predators outside like cats or whatever, but us people on the inside.  But, because of that we can’t get a good look at them.  That gave me the idea to pull my old IP webcam and point it at the nest.

Without further ado, I give you the birdcam: (please disregard the broken images, the camera is borked for some reason.).  A full 24 hours of birdly goodness.  Where you can watch a bird sit in its nest.  Sometimes it doesn’t sit in its nest.  Often times though that’s what it’s doing.   Occasionally it will look around.  It’s surprisingly fun to watch!  Personally, I’m hoping that if they hatch some chicks that we’ll be able to see them grow up and leave the nest.

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