The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes


Hi, I’m Doug.


Professionally, I am a programmer with more than 17 years of experience. I ran a successful contracting and consulting company, Alagad, from 1996 to 2014. Through Alagad, I worked with more than 50 companies and organizations on diverse projects. Some of my more notable clients include: Hasbro, Adobe, The United Way of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, Duke University, and Michigan State University.

In 2016 I stepped away from consulting and currently work as a Java instructor for The Iron Yard. I teach a 12 week bootcamp-style class that turns students with little-to-no programming experience and into junior developers. My students have been hired by Red Hat, Cisco, Fidelity Investments, the Social Security Administration, Prometheus Group, and others. I am very proud of my accomplishments at The Iron Yard.

Personally, I am a family man with two awesome kids and lovely wife. I spend my time exploring whatever hobbies and interests strike my fancy. This has included wood working, ukulele, unicycles, juggling, and more.

Right now, I am an enthusiastic maker. I have an obsession with tools and using them to make things. For example, I built a charcoal powered foundry in my yard to cast 3D printed parts in aluminum for my CNC machine.

All in all, I’m a person who likes to follow my passions, be them professionally or personally.


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  1. Wow Doug, You sound a lot like a younger me. I am 48.
    Business Owner, ADD, Father, Husband, Juggle, Unicycles,
    Among a vast number of other hobbies: Motorcycles, hiking, shooting, flying, building things,
    caving, just to name a few.
    Higher than average Intelligence.
    Just don’t do anything rash. If you have a good woman and she is staying with you then by all means, treat her right. My wife is a saint to put up with me for sure.
    Most people like us are not high functioning. They are job hoppers, addicts, multiple marriages etc.
    I started medication about 10 years ago and it helps a bit. I can focus on one thing better than I used to. I always thought that everyone’s mind was working on 10 things at once.
    I talk fast but my mouth cannot begin to keep up with what I am thinking.
    Do something for a living that keeps you moving during the day. Something that allows for a change of scenery, locations and people throughout the day.
    Hang In there.


  2. ahmed m.jaser said:

    there is a period in the career path where you feel not interested and feed up of what you are doing and this is normal , take a break don’t try to work for 1 year , swim , travel , play dota 2 , live with your parents for at least one month , watch movies , play chess , read quran , spend most of your day time with your kids , and after that consider to continue your academic studies or start doing your own business again, Doug iam almost double of your age and my achievements compared to yours is .0001 , be happy. by the way i read your C.V and iam coding for 21 years and i dont know more than 3 programming languages 🙂 .

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