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Today, I was attempting to create a new Verity collection on ColdFusion MX 7. However, I don’t work with Verity very frequently and did something wrong. I either tried to create a collection at a path with illegal characters in the filename, or I tried to use a mapping as the path to create the collection. Either way, the collection seemed to be partially created, but errors were thrown by ColdFusion.

Event after fixing the path (by using expandPath), subsequent calls to cfcollection to create a collection were throwing the following error message:

An error occurred while performing an operation in the Search Engine library.

Error opening the collection: com.verity.organize.WorkSpaceException: Path not found [VdkError_PathNotFound]. (-104)

A quick Google search produced this Macromedia TechNote. This link provides the following instructions to resolve this problem (quoted directly from that link.):

  1. Stop the ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server service.
  2. Delete all of the directories under the cf_root verityDataservicesColdFusionK2_indexserver1ws directory.
  3. Restart the ColdFusion MX 7 Search Server service.

Sure enough, I followed those steps and it worked like a charm. The only issue I had was finding the correct path to the verity folder when I’m running under JRun. Turns out this was c:jrunverity.

Random Note of The Day: The word "Macromedia" is not in the DreamWeaver spell checker!

Comments on: "A Quick Verity Gotcha – And One Quick Solution" (6)

  1. thanks doug, you da man!


  2. Sometimes in life a Doug comes along when you just need him. Also thanks google for finding him.


  3. I had the same error, but discovered that the subdirectory didn’t even go down as far as specified in this solution. I simply added the correct subdirectories and it worked great.


  4. Brent Nicholas said:

    I had a similar Errors, but it said something about invalid style sheets. Weird. Eitherway this worked perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    BN- Spartan Spirits Dude!! 😉


  5. Doug Hughes said:

    Spartan Spirits? As in the liquor store in downtown East Lansing? If so, what made you mention that? If not…. well… nevermind then! 🙂


  6. Benoit Martin said:

    Awesome, that worked for me too… saved me a lot of googling


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