The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes

I heard that someone going by the name of Doug Hughes landed a gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol building in DC. Sorry, but I am not that Doug Hughes.

It’s been fun and amusing to receive calls of support for the other Doug Hughes. I’ve received half a dozen calls for him. Most have been people gushingly praising him. Some have offered legal and financial support. Others have asked for interviews. Perhaps I should have accepted the cash and given the interviews?

Anyhow, I do support the other Doug’s ideas. We need to get the influence of cash out of our government. Corporations are not people, cash is not free speech, etc, etc.

I recently got ahold of the other Doug’s email address. I’m going to see if he minds me forwarding on these messages, but for now it’s safe to assume that I’m not able to forward these messages.

Comments on: "Will the Real Doug Hughes Please Stand Up?" (5)

  1. Good for you, I called you, finding out that it’s a different Doug, but this is great, you standing tall, with your ideas and of course Doug, good for you I’m glad we spoke a few weeks ago
    Derek W.Palm, President Select Mobile Bottlers, Inc


  2. Did you receive a couple of donations from me? LOL! I’m pretty sure I sent them to the right Doug…maybe…yeah, I did. Doug, you’re a good man for doing this. I hope we haven’t been a big pain by mistaking you for the gyrocopter man. Thank you!


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